How do we define adventure? Is it wondering out to uncharted territory, to brave the elements and challenge our physical abilities? Is it something that take us right to the edge of our comfort zone and the limits of our capabilities? Or could it be something subtler? Could it be as simple as stepping out of our comfort zone? Inside of us all, is that insatiable desire to discover. Now look inside and define your own adventure.



This short film was a task requested by our teachers Keith Partridge and Michael Brown while assisting the Adventure Filmmaking Workshop in the Banff Mountain Book & Film Festival 2015. Jordan Baker, Caroline Cote and myself were challenged to create, develop and deliver a short film in 3 days. Then, I created the idea, directed the short film and edited it. Jordan worked as photography director and screenwriter and Caroline was in charge of the pre production and casting of the film.


We presented this film and competed with other teams of the Adventure Filmmaking Workshop. Our team won Third Place and as a reward, our short film was presented in the Banff Mountain Book & Film Festival 2015. Amongst the jury were the Red Bull, National Geographic, The North Face and Go Pro CEO’s.


I was trying to express with this film that everyone should live their own adventure. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a challenge. To defy our feeling of safety so we have the chance to do what actually enriches our soul, is a risk that a lot of people refrain to take. A lot of people catalog risk as an act were your physical safety is in danger, but the truth is that people can take risks without endangering their bodies but pushing their state of mind. For me, putting our brain to the test is already stepping out of your comfort zone.


Team Work

Filmmaker: Veronica Badell

Cinematography: Jordan Baker

Script: Veronica Badell & Jordan Baker

Production: Caroline Côtè


Veronica Badell



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